We Create Order from your Receipt Chaos

Many companies have receipts for purchases in multiple locations:

  • Scattered in various desk drawers
  • Crumpled in wallets or purses
  • Under car seats or in glove compartments
  • In an inconsistent paper folder system
  • Lost under a pile of papers on a desk
  • Thrown together in a box

(You always meant to keep them organized)

England Record Keeping helps you keep track of all your receipts and those of other buyers at your company.

We have two goals always in mind for your company:

  • The first goal is to get the numbers right so that your business can be as profitable as possible.
  • The second goal is to make record keeping simple.

Receipts are scanned and analyzed, to save and classify all information, including handwritten notes. For accounting purposes, they can be categorized by job, date, vendor, by payment method, etc. With more complete information, month end financial statements are much easier to complete, more accurate and tax preparation time is cut down by hours.

Using our process, there is no longer the possibility of losing receipts or the need to avoid them and let them pile up.

Want to know how we can keep track of your chaos?

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